21 Nov 2013

Digital Agency Star Chart

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Finding a job in a digital marketing agency can often be a hugely complex and long process largely because there are so many digital agencies out there to choose from and a lot of them tend to specialise in specific areas whether it's services or the types of clients they work with. As an employee who specialises in specific aspects of digital marketing the biggest decision is choosing the right agency to approach and then preparing a pitch/presentation/proposal that is suitable, but that's another Read more [...]
13 Nov 2013

The Making Of – John Lewis ‘The Bear & The Hare’

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Having previously been involved in the production of stop motion animation TV adverts when something I see TV of a similar nature is played it gets me excited. The latest John Lewis advert for Christmas 2013, titled The Bare & The Hare, is by far one of the most talked about ad's currently on air, it's simplicity and emotive gestures are simply awe-inspiring. The advert creative truly embraces the emotive power of animation, a filmic technique so evocative of Christmasses gone by. But where Read more [...]
21 Oct 2013

The New Nissan Nismo 370z vs Wingsuit

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Here's a nice promotional video for the new Nismo 370z, combining performance with adrenaline. In this video Nissan compares the 370Z Nismo, driven by Peter Pyzera, against legendary wingsuit athlete Dave Barlia for a breathtaking challenge in the Swiss Alps. For the last 5 years GT Academy has been transforming the world's top gamers into professional racing drivers. Through Nismo Lab, Nissan's team of performance coaches are continually developing new techniques to push these Nismo athletes Read more [...]
20 Oct 2013

Nissans unveils i’ts ZEOD RC Track Car [Zero Emissions]

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Set against the stunning backdrop of Mount Fuji, all eyes turned to the stunning electric racecar on track, the Nissan ZEOD RC. With just a few short months until it runs at the Le Mans 24 Hour and after months of painstaking and game-changing development, the Nissan ZEOD RC has it’s first public demonstration at the Fuji Speedway.

20 Sep 2013

Chamber of Commerce Opening Address

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You may recall last month I blogged about attending this years Stonehenge Chamber of Commerce B2B event, well i'm pleased to say I survived and it was a really good local event for all different businesses. My opening presentation went smoothly and it was rewarding meeting up with some familiar faces and new ones. It really opened my eyes as to how many local businesses there are and some of the incredible marketing initiatives they are operating. It just goes to show you don't need to have a massive Read more [...]
04 Aug 2013

Stonehenge Chamber of Trade B2B Event

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So recently the Stonehenge Chamber of Trade invited me to provide their opening address at their annual B2B networking event on the 19th September 2013. Although admittedly I was apprehensive at first, being that public speaking is not something I do most weeks, I actually found myself quite welcomed to the idea of addressing local businesses and to perhaps provide some sort of inspiration. I've toyed with the ideas of doing something completely off the wall but after many hours of trying to think Read more [...]
06 Mar 2013

So much love, not enough words

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So Much Love, Not enough Words Infographic
So Much Love, Not enough Words Infographic by Animal Friends Insurance

14 Dec 2012

iPad Mini Stock Checker

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With Apple ever dominating the market for tablets and the recent launch of the iPad mini demand for these devices has never been higher. With high demand comes difficulty in the supply, a clever marketing tactic by Apple if I don't say so myself as with controlling said supply demand becomes even greater. We've all heard stories of stock selling in less than 4 minutes and with the power of online buying it's become even more powerful. So how do you find out where there is stock of iPads and more Read more [...]
06 Dec 2012

12 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas [Infographic]

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12 Pet Safe Tips of Christmas
12 Pet Safe Tips of Christmas by Animal Friends Insurance

21 Nov 2012

My top 5 predictions for digital marketing in 2013

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The world is a fast changing place with new technology pushing forward paving the future of the way we operate within our daily lives, communicate with others and engage with brands. In the past year we've already seen a shift in consumer behaviour, particularly online, search patterns and accessibility to knowledge and communications. This is somewhat largely due to amount of algorithm changes Google has made this year but also due to the technology that is now accessible. 4G recently launched Read more [...]