Hi guys, thanks for checking out my blog. I like to create stuff for people to look at, engage with, interact in and be inspired by. I’m a results driven marketer constantly exploring new technology and communications methods in a digital universe. Aside from my work I like to publish videos, vlogs and photography from my travels and life. If you like what you see please, feel to reach out and like, share, subscribe, tweet, and all that good stuff!

Chris Newnham

My journey so far

I enjoy the challenge of harnessing creative ideas and concepts, taking a blank canvas and developing multi-layered marketing strategies designed to drive conversion and profits. Through hands on experience and knowledge I have managed a vast array of digital marketing channels providing deep analysis and a hands on approach.

My interest in the web came during the age of MySpace when you could customise profiles using html. I’ve always had a fascination with graphic design and even wanted to become an architect but a sudden change in heart prompted me to switch universities and study Marketing instead. Probably one of the best decisions i’ve made in my professional career so far.

During university I was offered a placement at a corporate events company, of which I was quickly promoted to web designer and maintained all web code, design, exhibitions, photography and even filmography. I won’t deny it, my skills were limited to ‘faffing’ with digital mediums but somehow always managed to deliver a good result. After graduating I was offered a position back at the events company, whereby through marketing pro-activeness we achieved substantial results online. However recession hit, times were tough and I had to move on.

I knew that I wanted to explore the world of digital marketing deeper and to do that I needed some agency experience. I found a local design agency and formed the Online Marketing department. This was a mixed role which not only involved client relationship management and campaign project delivery but also business development and sales. During this time I was influenced by my colleagues and became highly educated in the mechanics of web design, development and hands on online marketing.

I also setup a freelance design agency taking on personal clients for web and graphic design work as well as a bit of photography. It was fun and kept the innovation pot boiling.

Then, an opportunity came for a ‘Online Marketer’ with an Insurance company. Now at this juncture I knew little about insurance and the location was well outside of my immediate catchment area. But I decided to take a leap of faith as I could foresee excellent career prospects.

Two years later, with two promotions, moved house, a multitude of opportunities, continued growth within the business and experience in a wide variety of campaigns I continue to work at the same Insurance company but now acting as Marketing Manager with a full team of designers, writers, bloggers, social and affiliate marketers.

This journey has led me to manage highly influential PPC, SEO, Social and TV campaigns from design, story-boarding, profiling and optimising to analysis, review and decision making. A journey I am ever grateful for being given the opportunity to have under taken I continue to manage currently.

More about me

I love technology, from the internet to gaming, mobile phones and off the wall tech, it’s what inspires me and how it can be utilised into marketing.

When i’m not behind a PC or iMac i’m often found tinkering with my car, polishing, tuning, breaking and fixing whenever I can.

I’m also an avid snowboarder, hitting the slopes almost every year at least. If it’s not hurling myself down an icy slope then it’s relaxing in the Mediterranean or Fishing at my local lake.