04 Aug 2013

Stonehenge Chamber of Trade B2B Event

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So recently the Stonehenge Chamber of Trade invited me to provide their opening address at their annual B2B networking event on the 19th September 2013. Although admittedly I was apprehensive at first, being that public speaking is not something I do most weeks, I actually found myself quite welcomed to the idea of addressing local businesses and to perhaps provide some sort of inspiration.

I’ve toyed with the ideas of doing something completely off the wall but after many hours of trying to think about something creative it actually all boiled down to one key point:

Keep It Simple Stupid

It’s a motto that I have used consistently throughout my marketing career and it’s something that I fully believe is the key to success when trying to communicate a message to your audiences. So, along that very same thread of thought I think I might well use this as the central focus to my opening address.


B2B2012 Official Opening by Ceri Hurford-Jones (Spire FM), Jim Johnston (SCOT) and John Glen MP

Fortunately it will be likely a beer free event which means it can only go better than my wedding speech.

Wish me luck!

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