14 Apr 2011

Dutch Astronaut unveils 155mph ‘superbus’

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A new ‘superbus’ capable of speeds of up to 155mph has been created by Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels.

It’s not quite back to the future but the new eco-superbus is certainly impressive. The eco-friendly electric vehicle can carry 23 passengers and cost €13million to develop.

The bus’ futuristic look includes gull wing-opening doors and is streamlined to help achieve maximum speeds of upto 155mph (Would you really want to in public road transport?)

A statement on its official website describes the superbus as: ‘Carefree and comfortable travel, customised according to your needs.’

It adds: ‘You can get in the vehicle wherever and whenever you need. It will take you to your destination without any changeovers. During the journey, you can get on with your work, or sit back and enjoy the speed and the luxury. This service will be yours for a fare which is comparable to the prices of present day’s public transport.’ Fair enough – sounds pretty reasonable, though with a turning circle of a jumbo jet I don’t think central London is a viable location to launch this service.

Here’s a video of the superbus in action

‘This is not a dream, but a concept that formed the starting point for the development of Superbus as an innovative alternative for today’s personal mobility.’

The vehicle is 15 metres long with eight doors each side and possesses electric motors powered by a lithium polymer battery pack. So based on existing electric cars we can expect 88top mileage before it needs re-charging. Anyone know of any electric recharging stations local to them?


In terms of drivability, the supercar runs on autopilot when on ‘Supertrack’ and includes driver assisted controls for existing roads.

Passengers can also enjoy free TV and internet while travelling on the bus, as well as a navigation system, obstacle detection and a communication system.

The superbus is currently being exhibited at a trade fair in Dubai.

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