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11 Nov 2012

Apple unveils the revolutionary new iPad mini mega

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23 Oct 2012

Mark IV Stealth Kitteh has been deployed [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Animal Friends Insurance have deployed their Mark IV Stealth Kitteh. Domestic cats (stealth kittehs) have adopted hunting abilities very similar to those of big cats such as leopards or tigers. Whilst our cats maybe loving and friendly towards us owners, to their prey the stealth kitteh is a highly tuned animal that is to be feared and revered. With that in mind Animal Friends have created an infographic to illustrate it's feline combat effectiveness. You can download the full size infographic Read more [...]
05 Oct 2012

Cassette Boy Vs Dragons Den

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It’s childish, it’s crude but hell it’s laugh aloud funny. The recession may have hit and the dragons are even more difficult to please, but in this episode of the Dragons Dirty Den, it’s pants down and all out as they have something else to offer. Read more

24 Jul 2012

I want one of those: Ken Blocks RC Gymkhana Car [Video]

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I've been looking out for a decent RC car, initially looking for something like a 350z - however I have just discover the Ken Block RC Gymkhana Car and now my heart is sold! Check the low down here: Master of the Gymkhanna (with a minor in marketing) Ken Block has teamed up with Traxxas to create a radio-controlled version of Block's #43 Ford Fiesta. The 1/16-scale Fiesta is fitted with a brushless motor that turns all four wheels and sends the mini-Block car down your driveway at up to Read more [...]
24 Jul 2012

50 shades of man

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Some of you will most likely have heard about a certain book doing the social rounds called 50 shades of grey. It was of little interest to me at first until one recent Wednesday lunchtime I browsed my way to my usual car forum ( and I stumbled across a post called '50 shades in Ghey', in which I began to read about the various hetrosexual activities a bunch of middle aged blokes are confessing to. Normally these guys are discussing fuel ratios, boost pressure, NOS installations, Read more [...]
27 Aug 2011

Meerkat toys provides unique user experience (UX)

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I have to admit it, I don't use comparison sites that much when buying insurance. I usually get a few rough ideas then call the specialists. Maybe that's down to my choice of cars but either way something deep down in my sub conscious restricts me from buying through the aggregators. What i'd like to draw attention to is the latest Compare the Market campaign where the customer, after purchase, can register at to receive a cuddly Meerkat toy. The UK market has gone crazy for this Read more [...]
18 Apr 2011

T-Mobile to host the Royal Wedding

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Pure class entertainment is what the Royal Wedding is set to be, well certainly in the eyes of the creatives at T-Mobile...check this video out. One can only hope that the real Royal wedding is just as classy as this little walking down the aisle dance :) P.S. Did anyone see this? WTF!!!! Read more [...]
13 Apr 2011

YouTube Takeovers [Desperados]

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So recently i've been looking into YouTube take overs as part of the day job and a forth coming campaign [can't give details obviously]. We've seen them all before where the screen comes crashing down and it add's a level of interaction that offers a new dimension to user engagement through media. Take The Transporter 3 movie launch on for example, if you got the chance to see it, it was pretty impressive. However it was brought to my attention recently, from the creatives at Hurricane, Read more [...]
13 Apr 2011

Why clients don’t design [FAIL]

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As a freelance designer its a bit of a funny business juggling full time work and then getting home only to be bombarded by emails from useless people claiming to have the upperhand in design skills. We all value feedback, sure, its the only way to move forward. But sometimes the classic Designers Vs Clients clash of the titans becomes a large dark looming cloud which is destined for one direction, down. As a freelancer you're practically asking for trouble as quite often the quality of the client Read more [...]
31 Mar 2011

I’m tired of this shit…Learn your Damn Homophones

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Now this is classic. I studied English throughout my secondary school days and passed with quite good grades, though I'll be the first to admit that perhaps since working full time my grammar and punctuation has slipped into dirty habits. Never the less it absolutely pleased me to the high heavens when I stumbled across this tasty little website called Learn Your Damn Homophones, First a little English lesson. What is a Homophone? Homophone: A homophone Read more [...]