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25 Oct 2012

Lets Celebrate Marriage

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I recently got married, well 2010 to be precise, and it appears most of my peers have either recently married or are getting married so I feel that this blog post is rather timely. Marriage is an interesting and complex puzzle that teaches us new lessons every day, sometimes those lessons can be tough and can stretch a relationship to it's limits but if we break it down into it's purest and simplest form Marriage really isn't that complicated. However one thing that remains, marriage is pure. Boy Read more [...]
31 Mar 2011

I’m tired of this shit…Learn your Damn Homophones

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Now this is classic. I studied English throughout my secondary school days and passed with quite good grades, though I'll be the first to admit that perhaps since working full time my grammar and punctuation has slipped into dirty habits. Never the less it absolutely pleased me to the high heavens when I stumbled across this tasty little website called Learn Your Damn Homophones, First a little English lesson. What is a Homophone? Homophone: A homophone Read more [...]
27 Mar 2011

Sildenafil AKA Viagra – All you need to know

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Ok this is a weird one, and before I continue I'd just like to lay down a few ground rules, I DON'T USE VIAGRA! Ok, so now that's over with...this popped up on my Twitter feed from Qwiki, which if you haven't used already you really should...revolutionary new browsing and information resource. I thought it was pretty interesting as it's not something i've looked into, ever, at all lol! Anyhoo...i'm not going to make a practical joke at the expense of those with an erectile dysfuntion, it's Read more [...]
26 Mar 2011

Work and Play

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‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ – George Bernard Shaw There's nothing more demoralising than doing a job you dont' like. And by job I mean work. Your place of work is where once you've passed the age of 16 you will spend most of your hours trying to earn some cash so you can fill up your heap of shit car and drive to work. Almost sounds like a pretty pointless exercise doesn't it? Well that's the miserable side done with. Actually, something Read more [...]