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06 Dec 2012

12 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas [Infographic]

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12 Pet Safe Tips of Christmas
12 Pet Safe Tips of Christmas by Animal Friends Insurance

23 Oct 2012

Mark IV Stealth Kitteh has been deployed [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Animal Friends Insurance have deployed their Mark IV Stealth Kitteh. Domestic cats (stealth kittehs) have adopted hunting abilities very similar to those of big cats such as leopards or tigers. Whilst our cats maybe loving and friendly towards us owners, to their prey the stealth kitteh is a highly tuned animal that is to be feared and revered. With that in mind Animal Friends have created an infographic to illustrate it's feline combat effectiveness. You can download the full size infographic Read more [...]
13 Apr 2011

Why clients don’t design [FAIL]

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As a freelance designer its a bit of a funny business juggling full time work and then getting home only to be bombarded by emails from useless people claiming to have the upperhand in design skills. We all value feedback, sure, its the only way to move forward. But sometimes the classic Designers Vs Clients clash of the titans becomes a large dark looming cloud which is destined for one direction, down.As a freelancer you're practically asking for trouble as quite often the quality of the client Read more [...]
28 Mar 2011

AT&T Creative Hand Advertisments

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Mobile phone advertising, we've all seen the O2 adverts, pretty bland really just some nice CGI and floating ducks...yay! In fact I think the best mobile phone network adverts of our time so far has to be the T-mobile ones signing in Terminal 5, but there's nothing that really stands out as creative design. Until I stumbled across the posters created by America's AT&T.Using just hands and a phone, American carrier AT&T recreates a popular idea of painting hands into the colors of different Read more [...]
13 Oct 2010

The Underground Skyscraper

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Man has always strived to build the biggest and tallest and now are each major city is filling the sky's with monsterous SkyScrapers. Well what if we could turn it around and build downwards to save a little space? Say hello to architect Matthew Fromboluti. If he lived in a comic book, he would be designing lairs for super-villains. However in the real world, he just wants to build this subterranean skyscraper in the middle of the Arizona desert.His project, called Above below, is a building Read more [...]