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29 Mar 2011

ET Sequel: “ET-X” (Extended Trailer)

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Following on from my recent Sci-Fi movie blog post I have recently stumbled across this beauty of of a trailer....Yes you have heard correctly, the official trailer to the legendary fiction movie E.T. known as 'ET-X' and is certainly X-traspecial. Featured the original characters but grown up this edition takes a bit of a spin off from the traditional ET movie. Instead of wanting to go home, ET comes back...but with his buddies and tries to take over the world. Okay fact its Read more [...]
29 Mar 2011

NEW ‘SUPER 8’ Sci-Fi Viral Site Discovered in trailer

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Here's something slightly different from my usual blurbs about web, tech and stuff. Now I'm a bit of a movie fan...just love a good action packed story driven movie and the cinema is just a haven for good times. I'll admit I get pretty excited about a lot of movies, especially the epics (overused word). Favourite movies include, Lord of the rings, Gladiator and Star Wars etc - You get the idea...though Jackass 3D is also up there 🙂 However Sci-Fi is not something that's usually tickled me...except Read more [...]