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29 Mar 2011

ET Sequel: “ET-X” (Extended Trailer)

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Following on from my recent Sci-Fi movie blog post I have recently stumbled across this beauty of of a trailer....Yes you have heard correctly, the official trailer to the legendary fiction movie E.T. known as 'ET-X' and is certainly X-traspecial.Featured the original characters but grown up this edition takes a bit of a spin off from the traditional ET movie. Instead of wanting to go home, ET comes back...but with his buddies and tries to take over the world.Okay fact its Read more [...]
29 Mar 2011

NEW ‘SUPER 8’ Sci-Fi Viral Site Discovered in trailer

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Here's something slightly different from my usual blurbs about web, tech and stuff. Now I'm a bit of a movie fan...just love a good action packed story driven movie and the cinema is just a haven for good times. I'll admit I get pretty excited about a lot of movies, especially the epics (overused word). Favourite movies include, Lord of the rings, Gladiator and Star Wars etc - You get the idea...though Jackass 3D is also up there 🙂 However Sci-Fi is not something that's usually tickled me...except Read more [...]