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13 Apr 2011

Why clients don’t design [FAIL]

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As a freelance designer its a bit of a funny business juggling full time work and then getting home only to be bombarded by emails from useless people claiming to have the upperhand in design skills. We all value feedback, sure, its the only way to move forward. But sometimes the classic Designers Vs Clients clash of the titans becomes a large dark looming cloud which is destined for one direction, down.As a freelancer you're practically asking for trouble as quite often the quality of the client Read more [...]
31 Mar 2011

I’m tired of this shit…Learn your Damn Homophones

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Now this is classic. I studied English throughout my secondary school days and passed with quite good grades, though I'll be the first to admit that perhaps since working full time my grammar and punctuation has slipped into dirty habits.Never the less it absolutely pleased me to the high heavens when I stumbled across this tasty little website called Learn Your Damn Homophones, a little English lesson. What is a Homophone? Homophone: A homophone Read more [...]
07 Dec 2010

No.1 Boys Xmas toy 2010

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So Xmas is only just around the corner and the retail parks are busy every day as customers flock to buy all sorts of gifts and gadgets. But what is it that is really going set apart the men from the boys?Well after watching the gadget show Xmas special last night, and after a personal experience, I believe that this years no.1 must have gadget/toy for all boys/men is the the...drum roll please.... Nerf Stampede!!The Nerf Stampede is an awesome automatic nerf blaster and at only £36.99. Read more [...]
26 Nov 2010

Funny Shopping [Video]

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If im perfectly honest, I really hate shopping. My wife drags me around making me wear stupid clothes read the calorie labels on 20 different tins of beans, I mean I never even knew there were so many varieties!!! Most of my shopping is done online, that's what I do, I'm an online shopping fact there's nothing I love more than blowing a few virtual notes through some fibre optics in exchange for merchandise that I know will arrive in less than 348hrs and i've still left myself plenty Read more [...]
29 Sep 2010

Halo Reach: Killionnaire Achievement

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Hey, I made this short clip to show how I got the Killionnaire achievement in Halo Reach. I did this in Firefight mode on legendary (I was planning on getting some other achievements as well :D) on the overlook map. Really simple, as soon as the level starts jet pack over to the left where you'll usually find an ammo drop and get the target locator back and wait for the drop ship then place your aim and target the ship as it lands...release and BOOOM!!! Let the airstrike do it's Read more [...]