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15 Jul 2010

Apple won’t recall iPhone4

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Earlier today Apple announced they would hold a press conference (type) event in response to the hugely escalating antenna issues the iPhone 4G is having.Many have said that Apple will do a full recall of products, refurb them all pretty much before sending them back out - this would mean billions (dollars) in postal charges, hundreds of millions of man hours and parts … oh and it means they have found a fix (other than moving the antenna).Much more likely in my view is that Read more [...]
08 Jul 2010

iPhone 4 iMovie test

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So i've had the new iPhone 4 for a little over a week now and so far i've been blown away by the performance and functionality of it. The definition and quality of the screen is unparalled and I have yet to se another device of a similar standard, and believe me i've tried a few in the last couple of months. 😀Anyway, something that Apple were really plugging at the announcement was the ability to record and edit movies using iMove on the new iPhone. Well i've been playing around a bit and thought Read more [...]
07 Jul 2010

Dominoes free pizza with Foursquare app

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Dominoes are offering free pizzas each wednesday to the Foursquare mayor of certain Dominoes branches throughout the UK.Foursquare is a location based app (avaialable on iPhone and Android) that allows users to check in to places they visit all around the world. You can share tips about venues and see other people currently at the location, make friends and meet new people.Each wednesday Dominoes are running a promotion in which they give away a free small pizza of your choice to the mayor Read more [...]
05 Jul 2010

(Review) WordPress app for iPhone

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Without doubt WordPress has become one of the single most advanced blogging platforms currently available on the market. Not only is it rich in features and third party developments but is also FREE....bonus!!!I've been using WordPress for a little over a year now for various projects, clients and of course my own website. I love it because it works for me. Yeah maybe it's not everyones cup of tea but once you get past some of the techie setting up methods and actually start using it with a sexy Read more [...]