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06 Jun 2011

Animal Friends launches 1Million Pound Challenge

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Today saw the launch of the Animal Friends £1Million Challenge and some rather cool Facebook apps. I'm pretty excited about this as it's been a project i've been involved with for about 6 months in the making.To start with we developed two new plasticine characters, to fit within the brand style, we named them Cracker and Girlie. They have a born mission to help spread 'The Feel Good Factor' through social media. To do this Animal Friends created a range of still motion videos designed for Read more [...]
18 Apr 2011

T-Mobile to host the Royal Wedding

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Pure class entertainment is what the Royal Wedding is set to be, well certainly in the eyes of the creatives at T-Mobile...check this video out.One can only hope that the real Royal wedding is just as classy as this little walking down the aisle dance 🙂P.S. Did anyone see this? WTF!!!! Read more [...]
29 Mar 2011

NEW ‘SUPER 8’ Sci-Fi Viral Site Discovered in trailer

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Here's something slightly different from my usual blurbs about web, tech and stuff. Now I'm a bit of a movie fan...just love a good action packed story driven movie and the cinema is just a haven for good times. I'll admit I get pretty excited about a lot of movies, especially the epics (overused word). Favourite movies include, Lord of the rings, Gladiator and Star Wars etc - You get the idea...though Jackass 3D is also up there 🙂 However Sci-Fi is not something that's usually tickled me...except Read more [...]
15 Mar 2011

IE9 released today: Here’s a starter guide

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Microsoft will be releasing the final version of IE9 today at 9 pm PST. Excited? maybe, I still have reservations about the IE experience and just generally how much of a ball ache it is to optimise websites for. However so far the news results and tests have been somewhat promising we can only hold our breathe. In the meantime here is a starter guide for IE9 ripped off from some other tech site. Thought it might be useful. I haven't had a chance to properly test IE9 other than the RC version, mainly Read more [...]
30 Nov 2010

2012 Olympics Hospitality Unveiled

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With the London Olympics a little over 600 days away now, 2012 is set to be an epic year. The United Kingdom is gearing up in preparation for all the sporting events being hosted at the various Olympic arenas throughout the country and it’s certainly generating buzz in the media.I for one am pretty excited about the once in a lifetime opportunities to see the Olympic games hosted in the UK and am looking to acquire some tickets to the various sporting events that will be on offer.Ticket Read more [...]