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19 Oct 2010 and 360 Dashboard is getting a major design overhaul

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Finally, it looks like the Xbox 360 dashboard isn't the only thing getting an overhaul this fall -- Microsoft's Major Nelson has just announced that will be getting a "massive facelift" tomorrow. The changes are more than just visual, however, and include a few new features that more tightly integrate the site with the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7.That includes a new browser-based avatar editor and, most interestingly, some web games that you'll be able to play with your Xbox Live Read more [...]
19 Oct 2010

Windows Embedded Automotive hits version 7

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We heard about it a while ago but now it's finally here. It's really here. Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive 7 is out, appearing in the download queues of "select car makers and suppliers in the automotive industry." But what does it offer?Some of it's nifty features include:Silverlight support for fancier UIs Real-time text-to-speech technology Better expandability for third-party plugins.Further from this, Microsoft is confirming that it is the brains behind the Nissan Read more [...]
18 Oct 2010

AR Defender Mobile Augmented Reality – A new era of digital marketing?

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Augmented Reality isn’t necessarily new but putting into a usable app on the iPhone is pushing the boundaries of creativity. Could this really be a new era of digital marketing?AR Defender is a mobile augmented reality game created by int13. I recently downloaded the AR Defender app for £0.59 (bargain) after a colleague gave me a demonstration and made my office desk come to life. At first I was blown away by how the app immediately added a whole dimension to virtual gaming on my iPhone. Read more [...]
15 Oct 2010

8 Million Dollar Diamond iPhone 4

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With so many iPhones out there its tough to be unique and individual, I mean we're still awaiting the iPhone 4 white edition which has been in speculation about various release dates. On that note, various sources believe it could be out just before Xmas though there is no hard truth in this. Either way a lot of people believe it should be due before iPhone 5 is revealed early 2011.Back on topic...being unique...well finally there is an option if you have a bit of spare cash to get your hand Read more [...]
13 Oct 2010

NEW iPhone SMS Ringtones with iOS4.2 Beta 3

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While looking for new features and hidden secrets within iOS 4.2 Beta 3, it would appear there is a hidden gem: New SMS ringtones! Have a listen.Unfortunately despite all the lovely new SMS ringtones (Which to be fair aren't that great) Apple still doesn't appear to be offering the option of using custom or downloaded ringtones for SMS alerts. Sort it out Steve Jobs!!!What do you think about the new SMS ringtones? Read more [...]