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30 Mar 2011

Googles +1 is set to answer Facebooks “like” button

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Google is making a big new push into social with a feature called Google “+1” that is similar in purpose to the Facebook “Like” button, but integrated directly into the world’s biggest search engine.Starting Wednesday 30th March, users who opt into the +1 button experiment (and soon everyone else) in Google Labs will start seeing a +1 icon next to each link in Google search results, pretty neat huh?. Note this is only available to users.Google defines this action as a Read more [...]
23 Nov 2010

The future of Online Marketing

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I’ve recently gone through a bit of a recruitment process in looking to expand my career further in online marketing and during this time it got me thinking...what is the future of online marketing?We all know that search and social media are evolving at an incredible pace. But is search slowing down and is social taking over? Are we seeing a new age of online marketing where it’s more about branding than search results?Consider these stats: Google sites handle about 88 billion queries Read more [...]