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03 Oct 2010

Disgo 6000 Tablet on Android 2.1

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The Disgo 6000 Tablet is now available at and it looks pretty awesome!I've been after a tablet for a while now to browse the net, do some work and check emails without having to fire up the computer each time. Initially I was sold on the iPad but the cost isn't justified in my opinion. And then there is the Archos which comes in High Resolution 7" and 10" screens which has been tempting me for a while. But now there is a new contender in the arena, enter the Disgo 6000.Heres Read more [...]
03 Oct 2010

Transfer large files via Air Sharing app on iPhone Error 0x800700DF [Tutorial]

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With modern tech and constant demand for shring files Ever wanted to transfer a large file to your iPhone for use laterEver wanted to use your iPhone like a USB device? Simply transfer large files from one machine to another, well that's easy enough but what if you don't have the USB cable to hand and you really need that large file? Well this becomes possible with a neat little iPhone app called Air Sharing.There are loads of other apps available but Air Sharing has received some great reviews Read more [...]
16 Jul 2010

YouTube launches global film-making project

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YouTube has launched a global film-making project encouraging people to shoot their own short documentaries.These will be combined into a feature-length film for next year’s Sundance Film Festival.LG Electronics is sponsoring the project, called Life In A Day, in which people must shoot a film capturing their life on Saturday 24 July. People can upload their footage to MacDonald, director of films including Last King of Scotland, State Read more [...]
06 Jul 2010

Top 10 Geekiest Marriage Proposals

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We all love a good wedding, I should know I just had mine 🙂 but to get to the wedding stage one must propose to the prospective party and that can often summon the most creative of ideas to win anothers heart.I myself went through alot of thoughts and ideas prior to proposing and it all went off without a hitch, or is it with a hitch, or to get hitched? Meh, anyway whilst I do classify myself as bit of geek at times I didn't quite do mine in the same stlye as these guys!Checkout some of Read more [...]
19 Jun 2010

Valid Code, optimized for all modern Browsers

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Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Read more [...]