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20 Jul 2010

Top 5 Xbox games coming soon

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Yes, I'll admit I'm a bit of a game addict and in particular I'm an Xbox 360 man through and through. Not to say the PS3 isn't impressive I just prefer the 360 games. In fact I literally cannot wait to get my hands on the new xbox 360, but that's for another blog post!In the meantime I want to talk about some of the hottest games coming to the market in the next few months (on xbox and PS3 for some) that will be worth saving up the pennies for. It's pretty difficult to fully review a game that Read more [...]
17 Jul 2010

Hello Ladies: The Old Spice Advert [Social Media Revolution]

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You may have recently heard some hype about the re-birth of the Old Spice adverts with a rather dashing man promoting the Old Spice in a more masculine manner than ever.You may remember the cheese of the Old Spice commercials back in the 70's with crashing waves and a dodgy sound track taken straight out of some Hollywood B-movie. Well the marketing guys at Old Spice have decided to re-launch the brand with a series of social media commercials whilst doing the decent thing - laugh at themselves.There Read more [...]
16 Jul 2010

YouTube launches global film-making project

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YouTube has launched a global film-making project encouraging people to shoot their own short documentaries.These will be combined into a feature-length film for next year’s Sundance Film Festival.LG Electronics is sponsoring the project, called Life In A Day, in which people must shoot a film capturing their life on Saturday 24 July. People can upload their footage to MacDonald, director of films including Last King of Scotland, State Read more [...]
08 Jul 2010

iPhone 4 iMovie test

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So i've had the new iPhone 4 for a little over a week now and so far i've been blown away by the performance and functionality of it. The definition and quality of the screen is unparalled and I have yet to se another device of a similar standard, and believe me i've tried a few in the last couple of months. 😀Anyway, something that Apple were really plugging at the announcement was the ability to record and edit movies using iMove on the new iPhone. Well i've been playing around a bit and thought Read more [...]