13 Oct 2010

The Underground Skyscraper

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Man has always strived to build the biggest and tallest and now are each major city is filling the sky’s with monsterous SkyScrapers. Well what if we could turn it around and build downwards to save a little space? Say hello to architect Matthew Fromboluti. If he lived in a comic book, he would be designing lairs for super-villains. However in the real world, he just wants to build this subterranean skyscraper in the middle of the Arizona desert.

His project, called Above below, is a building that drills 900 feet into the ground, in the now-abandoned 300-acre wide Lavender Pit Mine. The underground skyscrapers would be covered with a earthen dome with skylights to let sun in and help control the climate.

Commercial areas are located near the top and living quarters are lower down below. Large intake tubes located near the bottom suck in cool air and exhaust it out the top. Wind turbines and solar catchers take renewable resources and produce renewable energy.

The cone-shaped skyscraper is inverted in the hole and held in place with structural supports stuck into the sides of the mine as well as at the very bottom.

It has it all. Beautiful design, complete autonomy from the outside world, skylights and tubes channeling the natural light, farms, and climate control. Now he only needs a Utopian society with enough money to build it. And John Carpenter to film something really horrific and alien happening to all of them.

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