27 Aug 2011

Meerkat toys provides unique user experience (UX)

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I have to admit it, I don’t use comparison sites that much when buying insurance. I usually get a few rough ideas then call the specialists. Maybe that’s down to my choice of cars but either way something deep down in my sub conscious restricts me from buying through the aggregators.

What i’d like to draw attention to is the latest Compare the Market campaign where the customer, after purchase, can register at meerkovo.co.uk to receive a cuddly Meerkat toy. The UK market has gone crazy for this as the brand has developed it’s meerkat connection.

But why would anyone be interested in a toy? Oh but it’s so much more than a toy its a customer experience, prolonging the wait and involving the customer so that when they come to renewal Compare the Market are the first to be remembered.

The user experience comes in the form of a subdomain website dedicated to the meerkats and the toys. After completing the form the user is presented with a personalised video message from the meerkats (see below). The next clever bit is a meerkat toy tracker which will track your toy all over the world before it arrives. This is accompanied by regular emails engaging the user further and with more funny little videos.

Could this be a clever marketing ploy to maintain demand by delaying delivery, which also gives CTM additional security? I think so, but it doesn’t really matter and it’s funny that in any other industry customers would be complaining that their free gift hasn’t arrived blah blah blah, but with the meerkats it’s almost just as entertaining seeing your toy’s journey throughout europe which only heightens the element of suprise when it does finally arrive. But does it even really matter? Meh! I don’t mind if it takes 4 weeks to arrive so long as i’m getting entertained. Simples πŸ˜‰

I’ve just purchased home insurance so i’ll let you know when it arrives πŸ˜‰ i’ll also keep updates as to where it is currently as it ventures to the UK.

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Tahir Malik says:

I have bought 2 insurances through them and claimed for 2 toys,after a wwek i got a reply for 1 and told it can not be verified.OK – Still getting 1 toy to keep my daughter amused.
And after 3 months i got 2nd reply. Unable to verify your claim.
Pathetic con to get more customers.

Name Trevor says:

Kept recieving regular messages saying where MeerKat was on its way to me. Then recieved a message saying did not qualify for a MeerKat.

My insurance is still in existance. I think this is a breach of contract, and will be reporting the matter to the advertising standards authority, and local trading standards.

Susie says:

Took insurance out in Oct 2011 – still no toy! (July 2012)

I’ve now been waiting about 7 weeks and still no MeerKat. Have they forgotten about me?

doug burns says:

Im still waiting on bloody fabled meerkat toy to arrive by a month now! Ive emailed their customer service but had no response – its a joke!

Paul says:

Been waiting 6 weeks and no toy arrived yet. Feel cheated!

Chris says:

Hey, I too have been waiting almost a month now. They do arrive eventually, we had one arrive at work after almost 40 days and another colleague had his arrive in about the same time. One element to consider is that as an insurance company the policy should be fully setup and vetted and therefore CTM could be delaying the postage to ensure the supplier is getting an active policy. Another plausable explanation is that it’s a simple delay tactic to a) get the customer more engaged via the toy tracker as well as b) relieve demand on posting these toys. I’ve noticed that their value on eBay has somewhat become devalued – maybe another interesting article to write.

a powell says:

still waiting now over a month for this alleged toy to arrive to offer an incentive and not deliver on that promise breaks advertising standards and other related laws