07 Dec 2010

No.1 Boys Xmas toy 2010

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So Xmas is only just around the corner and the retail parks are busy every day as customers flock to buy all sorts of gifts and gadgets. But what is it that is really going set apart the men from the boys?

Well after watching the gadget show Xmas special last night, and after a personal experience, I believe that this years no.1 must have gadget/toy for all boys/men is the the…drum roll please…. Nerf Stampede!!

The Nerf Stampede is an awesome automatic nerf blaster and at only £36.99. I’ve recently purchased the Nerf N-Strike for its assault rifle looks and ease for customisations. The plan is to eventually paint it to be a replica Sniper Rifle, but that’s another story.

1. The Stampede is surprisingly portable, and can easily be carried and fired with the same hand.

2. The Stampede uses a clip system with a high rate of fire, Nerf has introduced a new 18-dart clip with the launch of the Stampede.

3. The Stampede does not have an automatic pump mode, meaning that batteries are required.

Rate of Fire

The Nerf Stampede fires approximately three shots a second. If you don’t want to go full automatic, firing single shots is also very easy to do, as the number of darts fired is determined by the length of time that you suppress the trigger.


Most shots travel between 25-30 feet, which is really pretty impressive considering that the gun is battery operated.


The Stampede comes with two primary accessories: The shield and the tripod. Both accessories are removable, and use the tactical rail — meaning that they can also be used on other guns that feature the tactical rail in the Nerf N-Strike line.

In addition to using the clips that come with the Stampede, you can also use the drum from the Nerf Raider to further increase the dart capacity.


As with all clip system Nerf guns, the Stampede ECS uses streamline darts.


The Nerf Stampede ECS is an absolute blast to play with no matter how old or young you are. Any Nerf fan should be able to have a lot of fun with the Stampede.

You can buy online or you can pop to toys r us, but I think that this year the Nerf Gun is going to make a massive come back, certianly with the older generations. 🙂

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