01 Apr 2017


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I have some exciting news! No it’s not an April fools, I’m focussing on my dreams and aspirations.

For the past year or so I have been working on building a concept with my business partner and friend, Lee Hill. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales pitch for what we do necessarily though I do feel it’s important to outline that our offering is at it’s core, what we both enjoy the most regarding digital marketing…taking an insight first approach and getting results.

The business, InsightfulUX is a combination of years worth of experience and knowledge gathering working both client and agency side with small and large agencies alike. Something that has become inherently apparent during this time is the lack of research upfront to devise and build robust digital marketing strategies. We’d do this as phase 1 before building a website or writing strategy, but so often the agencies we worked with were just selling websites without any real robust research to back design decisions.

Insightful UX is all about gathering insight to take the guesswork out digital strategy. UX, of course, referencing user experience which ultimately means the ease that a user may flow through the website and make a positive interaction be it a lead or sale.

Our approach, therefore, starts with website audits and competitor analysis. These form the foundation layers of research to understand the key barriers in the existing assets as well as understand how our client’s competitors are currently positioning themselves.

Following this initial research, we typically continue further investigations to understanding the ‘why’ customers behave in a specific way, this qualitative type research is undertaken via user testing and persona mapping.

Combined, this data and research arms our clients with the right detail to undertake web build projects, define business cases for budgetary sign-off, and maximise the conversion of their digital campaigns.

I promised this wouldn’t be a sales pitch but hopefully that gives you just a flavour of what it is we do. Ultimately my decision to leave a full-time role for a large corporation was driven by the opportunity to have a better work life balance and be my own boss. The proof will be in the pudding in making the business work effectively. Watch this space.

Oh, but if you are interested in taking an insight first approach, please get in touch 🙂


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