26 Mar 2011

Work and Play

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‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’ – George Bernard Shaw

There’s nothing more demoralising than doing a job you dont’ like. And by job I mean work. Your place of work is where once you’ve passed the age of 16 you will spend most of your hours trying to earn some cash so you can fill up your heap of shit car and drive to work. Almost sounds like a pretty pointless exercise doesn’t it?

Well that’s the miserable side done with. Actually, something i’ve discovered recently is a rejuvinated passion for work. It’s not necessarily because the work itself has completely changed, although one could argue the conditions are considerably better. Instead it’s more to do with my appreciation of play time, or what an adult may call ‘leisure’.

Here’s a helpful notion for all those that find work boring, dull and generally fed up with the 9-5 slog…WORK DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING!!! That’s right, it may well seem hard to believe that your 40minute+ drive in your ‘heap of shit car’ and then 9 hours of labour intensive, keyboard tapping, pointless meetings and irritating collegaues can actually be quite fun.

Here’s a nice snippet from another fellow blogger:

“One of the problems is that for many of us, school was designed to prepare us for the working world, and as such it was designed to teach us to work in ways that are boring. It’s like eating your spinach (which I actually love as an adult) — you do it because it’s good for you. We did our homework and seatwork and drills because they were good for us.

Well, the fun of learning and doing was drilled right out of us. And as adults, we were told we had to work hard to get ahead, that work wasn’t fun but that’s just how life is.


Life is what you make of it. It can be drudgery, or it can be play. Or something else entirely.”

WOW! Pretty simple philosophy really. Make work your own, if it really does suck then here’s the good news…change it! Seriously, no matter how much it seems like your in the poop and can’t manouveure your career any more there is always an escape route. I’ve met and seen so many people that hate their jobs with a passion and yet they do nothing about it as if that’s all that life has to offer.

Seriously now i’d highly recommend simply going out and meeting and seeing the world. Find your interests, pursue them and make radical decisions that are scary…just do it! I promise you’ll find life a lot more interesting. I’m not saying quite your job tomorrow and i’m not saying that you should just doss about and play solitare at work, what i’m trying to say is if your banging your head against a brick wall then you have to make the decision to change in order to enjoy life and fullfill your purpose, or whatever you think is your destiny.

Have dreams and ambitions, work hard for them, have a few goals and benchmark yourself. If you’re going off track again, sort it out!

Anyway, i’m no psychologist or expert on life changes, but I do know something, it works!! Stay in touch and i’ll start revealing why 😉

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