21 Nov 2013

Digital Agency Star Chart

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Finding a job in a digital marketing agency can often be a hugely complex and long process largely because there are so many digital agencies out there to choose from and a lot of them tend to specialise in specific areas whether it’s services or the types of clients they work with.

As an employee who specialises in specific aspects of digital marketing the biggest decision is choosing the right agency to approach and then preparing a pitch/presentation/proposal that is suitable, but that’s another blog post.

The above is an infographic produced by Neils Recruitment Co. who specialise in recruitment for digital marketers across a wide range of industries. They set out to map a Digital Agency Star Chart by gathering data from Companies House, Duedill and contacting all of the agencies out there.

It’s a clever and well presented infographic that really lends a perspective to the scale of the digital marketing industry. If this has excited you, please re-tweet and share.

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