17 Jul 2010

Create your own Old Spice Voicemail [How to]

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You’ve seen the adverts, you’ve read the tweets and you’ve watched the comedy YouTube replies…..Now you can get the man voice on your mobile phone!!

The Old Spice Man [Isaiah Mustafa] has become a legendary voice almost overnight in a series of successful social media video’s on the popular YouTube.

The voicemail idea came from a fellow twitterer who asked for the audio to make his own messages, Old Spice in their creative wisdom granted the tweets wish:

However to make things easier a website has been created in which it generated the audio required quickly and easily for you to download to iTunes, from here you can playback the audio and record from the speakers using your handsets inbuilt microphone. Have a go, it’s great fun!

To get started visit the Old Spice Voicemail Generator here: www.oldspicevoicemail.com

Type your phone number, select the options and, finish and download…Easy peasy!!

[Update: There is now a ladies version too]
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