07 Jul 2010

Dominoes free pizza with Foursquare app

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Dominoes are offering free pizzas each wednesday to the Foursquare mayor of certain Dominoes branches throughout the UK.

Foursquare is a location based app (avaialable on iPhone and Android) that allows users to check in to places they visit all around the world. You can share tips about venues and see other people currently at the location, make friends and meet new people.

Each wednesday Dominoes are running a promotion in which they give away a free small pizza of your choice to the mayor of that particular branch. To become the mayor you must check in to the branch as many times as required to topple the current mayor (if there is one). Keep checking in regularly and you will eventually become the mayor and can claim your free Pizza on wednesdays.

The offer doesn’t end there either, any Foursquare user is offered a free side dish with any purchase of over £10 from Domino’s.

As it is a wednesday afternoon and I am the current mayor of my local Dominoes I thought i’d give this neat little app a go. Well, as I type this awaiting for my Texas BBQ pizza to be manufactured I have to say that it’s a neat little app that I will be keeping on my iPhones home page for the forseeable future.

It always tastes so good when it’s free, although I did feel a bit bad so had to buy some garlic bread as well to suppliment!

If you love Dominoes then I reccommend getting ahold of this app and checking into your local Dominoes branch!  Enjoy!

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Hey, i'm Chris Newnham thanks for reading my blog, it's great to meet you at last...your time spent here is valuable to me and i'd really appreciate it if you left a comment or two...P.S. you look fab!
Chris says:

Hey, thanks for your comments. I must admit when i firts tried it the staff looked at me very blankly, clearly Dominoes marketing don’t keep all their staff informed of their latest offerings. Even the manager had to make a call to verify the offer when I showed them my phone.

So yes in answer to your question I get the funny looks. But to be honest I haven’t done it in a fair while as a) I moved and my local Dominoes is a bit further and b) I decided it was a pretty un healthy diet…that said I have also been focussing on getting on my local curry house loyalty card so I can get x2 free dinners 🙂

J. Lebowski says:

Hi Chris, great post! I have recently been taking advantage of the free pizza for mayors offer. The thing is, when I first walked in to redeem it, the staff looked puzzled. There was no sign outside, like you have in whetherspoons (mayor gets 20% off food bill!) and when I looked on the ‘tips’ prior to becoming mayor, somebody left a message saying “these people don’t know anything about this offer. Mayor’s don’t get free pizza”) Luckily I got my free pizza on 2 consecutive weeks, but was faced with puzzled staff members. My question is, do you have this problem? Do you get your pizza every week without getting funny looks? Thanks man,