08 Jul 2010

iPhone 4 iMovie test

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So i’ve had the new iPhone 4 for a little over a week now and so far i’ve been blown away by the performance and functionality of it. The definition and quality of the screen is unparalled and I have yet to se another device of a similar standard, and believe me i’ve tried a few in the last couple of months. πŸ˜€

Anyway, something that Apple were really plugging at the announcement was the ability to record and edit movies using iMove on the new iPhone. Well i’ve been playing around a bit and thought i’d give it a whirl to see what the fuss was all about…oh and of course to show my new beast from the east, a Toyota Altezza RS2oo πŸ™‚

First impressions…the camera is brilliant…switching between the front and back cameras is seamless and the quality of the HD camera is really good. You can record clips and then open iMovie, drop the clips in and start editing..or you can film right from within iMovie.

Once you are in the editor, simply adjust the clip to the right length, drop or film more clips and once you are happy it’s time to add some creativeness. Simply tap the clip and add a theme. Each theme and there are a few; including news, holiday, travel and fun has it’s own set layout for intro middle and outro.Some even have theme music, or you can add your own tracks from your iPod. So you simply drop the theme into the respective clip, add some music, play it back and add some titles and then you can render to film! Depending on your application you can render from between 300dpi to full 720p HD which is awesome!

Below I have made a short clip using some music from my iPhone, some titles and the news theme! I rendered the movie on the phone and then uploaded straight to YouTube! This in my opionion is going to change the way we use video to communicate! Most of us now aday’s put most of our clips on YouTube but un-edited footage is just sometimes ‘too raw’, if you feel me? iMovie makes this seamless and a perfect way to make pretty slick movies effotlessly and then getting them online is simply the icing on the cake. Check my vid below!

Also to illustrate the camera checkout this photo I took today at lunch! I used the iphone Camera+ app (Availalbe from the app store) to add some effects to it but the quality for such a small lens is nothing but impressive.

Apple iPhone 4 Camera+ Photo

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