23 Nov 2010

The future of Online Marketing

2 Comments Marketing, SEO
I’ve recently gone through a bit of a recruitment process in looking to expand my career further in online marketing and during this time it got me thinking...what is the future of online marketing?We all know that search and social media are evolving at an incredible pace. But is search slowing down and is social taking over? Are we seeing a new age of online marketing where it’s more about branding than search results?Consider these stats: Google sites handle about 88 billion queries Read more [...]
18 Oct 2010

AR Defender Mobile Augmented Reality – A new era of digital marketing?

1 Comment Mobile, News, Technology
Augmented Reality isn’t necessarily new but putting into a usable app on the iPhone is pushing the boundaries of creativity. Could this really be a new era of digital marketing?AR Defender is a mobile augmented reality game created by int13. I recently downloaded the AR Defender app for £0.59 (bargain) after a colleague gave me a demonstration and made my office desk come to life. At first I was blown away by how the app immediately added a whole dimension to virtual gaming on my iPhone. Read more [...]