15 Oct 2010

8 Million Dollar Diamond iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

With so many iPhones out there its tough to be unique and individual, I mean we’re still awaiting the iPhone 4 white edition which has been in speculation about various release dates. On that note, various sources believe it could be out just before Xmas though there is no hard truth in this. Either way a lot of people believe it should be due before iPhone 5 is revealed early 2011.

Back on topic…being unique…well finally there is an option if you have a bit of spare cash to get your hand on this rather sexy iPhone. I say a bit of spare cash but for this baby, the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose, you’ll actually need a cool $8 million (around £5 million), according to an article by Stan Schroeder over on Mashable.

Designed by Stuart Hughes this spectacular iPhone 4 is designed with around 500 flawless diamonds totalling over 100 ct. Also the navigation button is made from platinum with an individual 7.4 ct pink diamond. Apparently only 2 of this latest version of the iPhone 4 will ever be made although I’m surprised it’s as many as two.

Diamond iPhone 4

A look at the Stuart Hughes website featuring this phone actually shows a purchase button. Cool, though that seems pretty hopeful to me but what a thought that you could press a button online and spend $8 million just like that on a mobile phone.

If you’re thinking about buying this phone, or indeed have bought it…we’d love to hear your thoughts and reviews.

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