18 Oct 2010

AR Defender Mobile Augmented Reality – A new era of digital marketing?

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Augmented Reality isn’t necessarily new but putting into a usable app on the iPhone is pushing the boundaries of creativity. Could this really be a new era of digital marketing?

AD Defender for iPhone

AR Defender is a mobile augmented reality game created by int13. I recently downloaded the AR Defender app for £0.59 (bargain) after a colleague gave me a demonstration and made my office desk come to life. At first I was blown away by how the app immediately added a whole dimension to virtual gaming on my iPhone. I have been playing it all weekend and I have to say I am addicted.

Heres what the creators have to say: “ARDefender is an Augmented Reality Game, involving a tower, various weapons and nasty opponents bugging you on your desk.

Move your phone to target the enemies, it’s magical! The game uses your camera phone and a piece a paper that you printed. Discover this revolutionary gameplay on several Smartphones.”

Simply print of this file: http://www.ardefender.com/ardefender.pdf and cut out the symbols, there are three sizes available. I just printed off the smaller one and now keep it in my wallet for when I want a quick game or to impress friends at the bar.

To play the game, load the app, point your iPhone camera at the piece of paper and watch as it comes to life. Watch the video below to get a better idea of how the app works.

Available on App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/ardefender

Currently AR Defender is only available on the iPhone and Samsung Bada, but it will be available on other devices shortly.

Commercialising Augmented Reality

Further from the concept of the game it got me thinking about how this can be implemented in a commercial sense. I mean what if you didn’t have to print something off but it was already provided on a billboard or bus stop poster such as in Waterloo station?

Calvin Klein QR Code Advertising

A user would simply download the app, point their camera and watch as whatever media you want to use comes to life. It can be as interactive as you like, it will be highly engaging and most of all it will likely become viral.

We’ve already seen some brands such as Calvin Klein try out QR code advertising in magazines and billboards by AR is just that little bit more ‘involved’ from a users point of view and I think it could potentially become highly powerful.

It makes for an interesting case to consider the future marketing potential of augmented reality and how it can shape the way brands communicate with customers. It reminds me of films like Minority Report where users can control virtual space…where is this technology going? It’s an almost unfathomable thought…But at the very same time really exciting!

What do you think about AR technology? Could it really be the future of digital marketing? Share your thoughts below!

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