06 Jul 2010

Top 10 Geekiest Marriage Proposals

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We all love a good wedding, I should know I just had mine 🙂 but to get to the wedding stage one must propose to the prospective party and that can often summon the most creative of ideas to win anothers heart.

I myself went through alot of thoughts and ideas prior to proposing and it all went off without a hitch, or is it with a hitch, or to get hitched? Meh, anyway whilst I do classify myself as bit of geek at times I didn’t quite do mine in the same stlye as these guys!

Checkout some of their proposals from video games to gadgets and even Google Street View.

Take a look these super-cool geeks who made that extra special effort to incorporate their passion for tech into securing the all-important “yes” from the person they love.

If you got a geeky proposal story…why not tell us about it in the comments section.

1. Super Mario

This sweet geek used FuSoYa’s Lunar Magic Super Mario hack to pose a proposal to his girlfriend spelling out “Lisa… will you marry me?” in gold coins. That’s one way to get the princess!

2. iPhone App

LinkedIn (LinkedIn) employee Bryan Haggerty developed an entire treasure hunt iPhone (iPhone) app for his elaborate proposal that sent girlfriend Jeannie around San Francisco with her route forming a <3 symbol on a map. Once Jeannie had solved all the video clues she found Haggerty atop a hill waiting to pop the question.

3. Little Big Planet

One of many video game proposals, this was made slightly easier (as in no hacking necessary) with LittleBigPlanet’s level creation functionality — but that does not make this effort any less romantic.

4. iPod

This lucky girl gets the geek, a sparkly diamond ring, and an iPod with this proposal that took advantage of Apple’s engraving option in a pretty major way.

5. Chrono Trigger

If you read the description on this video, you’ll see that some serious work has gone into this super-romantic hack that adds notable locations, quotes and characters (including the cat!) from the couple’s real life. Aw!

6. Google Street View

Google (Google) employee Michael Weiss-Malik wasn’t satisfied with his proposal 1.0 (“simple heart-felt words exchanged during a quiet night at home”), so the 2.0 version took advantage of Google’s Street View pass near the Google offices. Sadly, it has now been replaced with updated imagery, but the memory lives on.

7. Megatouch

The company behind the Megatouch bar games system went the extra mile to help this Washington gent propose to his special lady via her fave Megatouch game. They even caught the moment on (shaky-)cam.

8. Twitter (Twitter)

It’s by no means the only Twitter proposal, but this might be the first via the micro-blogging site. The reply was a “yes,” although with a big “um” and an “I guess” thrown in. Maybe she was hoping for an iPod.

The next couple to get engaged on Twitter was @maxiesler and @emilychang. Kielser, a San Fransico web designer, popped the question to his girlfriend of 15 years, and almost instantly she responded; yes!

And Mashable’s own Christina Warren had the question popped to her by blogger boyfriend Grant Robertson, who tweeted that he couldn’t wait a minute longer, so he told the entire world that he wanted to marry @film_girl. Naturally, she accepted with a sweet tweet.

9. iPhone Ad

Here, the familiar iPhone ad format was given a more romantic marketing message in the hope of a special push of the “answer” button. Check out the Cover Flow demo near the start — we think that might have given Doris (Doris) a clue as to what was to come.

10. LOLcats

Posted on Valentine’s Day, here is the very first I Can Has Cheezburger proposal. Fans of the funny site will be happy to note Loretta’s answer was delivered via the medium of LOLcat too.

Ha Ha awesome, I hope you enjoyed this blog post…if you got a funny story to share please use the comments section below and i’ll be sure to add it to the blog!! Chow for now!!

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