03 Oct 2010

Transfer large files via Air Sharing app on iPhone Error 0x800700DF [Tutorial]

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With modern tech and constant demand for shring files Ever wanted to transfer a large file to your iPhone for use later

Ever wanted to use your iPhone like a USB device? Simply transfer large files from one machine to another, well that’s easy enough but what if you don’t have the USB cable to hand and you really need that large file? Well this becomes possible with a neat little iPhone app called Air Sharing.

There are loads of other apps available but Air Sharing has received some great reviews and seems to handle most file types effortlessly.

You can download Air sharing here, or via the app store, so download it now before we continue with this little walkthrough!

I recently wanted to move a 1.2 GB video file but didn’t have the USB cable so downloaded the app, fired it up and using Bonjour connected the iPhone to my workstation. The most effective way to do this is to map a new network drive. To do this, in Windows 7 (&Vista) do the following:

Click Start > Computer > Map Network Drive (Top panel)

Select the drive number and type the drive address as provided by the Air Sharing app, this will be similar to http://firstname-lastname-iPhone.local

Deselect reconnect at login and press ok to setup the drive. Once setup simply drag and drop your file into your new network drive. Depending on your wifi speed it should load the file within a  few minutes.

Map Network Drive for Air Sharing

Next you need to get the file off your iPhone and this is where I ran into a problem. When I returned to my home computer I created the new network drive as before found the file dragged it to me desktop to have the following error message display.

Error 0x800700DF : The file exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved

Error 0x800700DF : The file exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved

Bummer! So after a bit of a Google it turns out you can’t pull files larger than 40mb, that sucks. But there are a few workarounds, some of which include accessing your system 32 and changing files around but that sounds like way to much hard work to me.

After a bit more digging I found a quick and easy solution which I hope will help you. The only niggle is that you will definitely need your USB cable for this process.

So connect your iPhone via USB to your computer and fire up iTunes. Next click on the iPhone drive in iTunes and click apps in the top menu, then select the Air Sharing app.

iTunes Apps Air Sharing

You will then see a box appear which simply shows the files stored in the app and a neat little ‘save to…’ button. This is your moment of glory, click that button and select where you want to save the folder that contains your large file. Easy peasy, this will download the files to your PC with ease so you can now use at your own will…brilliant!!!

I hope that this little tutorial has helped if you have experienced a similar problem with transferring large files using the Air Sharing app. Enjoy 😉

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