26 Nov 2010

Halo Reach Achievements

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Hey, I did these videos a while back but thought i’d post them again!

The first is how I got the ‘If they came to hear me beg achievement’ on Halo Reach!

At the begining of the Pillar of Autumn you will reach a cliff, the objective is to time your jump (I found it easier to sprint run then jump) and land on the elite whilst pressing and holding Melee to assassinate the elite with swift and brutal force. I took me a while to get the jump perfect, but got there in the end, watch the vid and try to mark the same elite in the same location to get your jumper perfect!! Good Luck!!

Next up is this short clip to show how I got the Killionnaire achievement in Halo Reach. I did this in Firefight mode on legendary (I was planning on getting some other achievements as well :D ) on the overlook map. Really simple, as soon as the level starts jet pack over to the left where you’ll usually find an ammo drop and get the target locator gun…run back and wait for the drop ship then place your aim and target the ship as it lands…release and BOOOM!!! Let the airstrike do it’s work…it might take a few go’s but eventually you will get the killionnaire award and it’s pretty easy…Thanks for watching!!

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