26 Nov 2010

Funny Shopping [Video]

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If im perfectly honest, I really hate shopping. My wife drags me around making me wear stupid clothes read the calorie labels on 20 different tins of beans, I mean I never even knew there were so many varieties!!! Most of my shopping is done online, that’s what I do, I’m an online shopping junkie…in fact there’s nothing I love more than blowing a few virtual notes through some fibre optics in exchange for merchandise that I know will arrive in less than 348hrs and i’ve still left myself plenty of time to finish a few round on COD:Black Op’s…awesome!!!!

Anyway, I was browsing through YouTube earlier and came across this hilarious video which simply got me thinking, if shopping in stores was this fun I actually might give it a bit more respect…ha…hell I may even try and help my wife knowing that for every successfull basket shot I’d get 10 points and 3 in a row gives me a killstreak…hey…maybe that’s the answer?!…I can earn virtual credits to go shopping…SCHAWEEET!!!!

Enjoy 😉

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