05 Sep 2017

Can DJI Spark do Cinematic Video?

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In this vlog, i take a look at whether the new DJI Spark is capable of filming cinematic footage even though it can only do 1080 HD 30FPS.

This is not a paid advertisement for DJI Spark…but it is awesome and you should get one now! 🙂

Please note that I added a few extra cinematic tweaks:

  1. Top and Bottom letterbox effect created in photoshop as an image and overlayed on the footage
  2. Adjusted brightness, contrast and exposure to the footage
  3. Boosted saturation and reduced colour profile so slightly cooler
  4. Edited to a sick soundtrack

Music thanks to: https://soundcloud.com/dcuttermusic and https://soundcloud.com/ftfremixes

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