06 Jun 2011

Animal Friends launches 1Million Pound Challenge

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Today saw the launch of the Animal Friends £1Million Challenge and some rather cool Facebook apps. I’m pretty excited about this as it’s been a project i’ve been involved with for about 6 months in the making.

To start with we developed two new plasticine characters, to fit within the brand style, we named them Cracker and Girlie. They have a born mission to help spread ‘The Feel Good Factor’ through social media. To do this Animal Friends created a range of still motion videos designed for YouTube which are a) informative and b) comical. The characters now have a personality and a life which is a great appeal to the entire campaign.

Watch Cracker and Girlie in ‘The Feel Good Challenge’

The £1Million Challenge is a corporate pledge to donate £1million of profit to animal welfare charities by the end of 2012. To do this Animal Friends needs everyones help. This can only be achieved by taking out pet insurance with Animal Friends. But there are many other ways you can help to. By simply liking their Facebook page Animal Friends will donate £1.

Well it doesn’t stop there. The online journey which incorporates Cracker and Girlie, their videos, the £1Million Challenge and of course the popular social network, Facebook, has lead Animal Friends into a new age of digital marketing.

Watch Cracker and Girlie in ‘The Bear’ video

To engage audiences even more and add even more of a unique dimension on the campaign Animal Friends created a custom a YouTube channel using flash integration, check it out at youtube.com/animalfriends.

Animal Friends will be backing this campaign with an email campaign and fairly extensive digital advertising across YouTube, Google and Facebook so expect to see some adverts appearing soon. In addition an interactive Newsletter will be going out to all existing policy holders soon.

Animal Friends Insurance offers great value pet insurance as well as supporting hundreds of animal welfare charities all over the world. Each policy helps save other animals lives, now that’s something to feel good about.

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