30 Mar 2011

Googles +1 is set to answer Facebooks “like” button

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Google is making a big new push into social with a feature called Google “+1” that is similar in purpose to the Facebook “Like” button, but integrated directly into the world’s biggest search engine.

Starting Wednesday 30th March, users who opt into the +1 button experiment (and soon everyone else) in Google Labs will start seeing a +1 icon next to each link in Google search results, pretty neat huh?. Note this is only available to Google.com users.

Google defines this action as a “public stamp of approval,” and it is exactly that. When you +1 something, your name becomes associated with that link “in search, on ads, and across the web,” according to the company. It also shows up in a feed on your Google Profile, which is required to use the product.

20110330-112430.jpgThe move builds on a number of social features that Google introduced in search earlier this year, including the ability to see which friends have tweeted a given link in search results.

Beyond showing up in search results, Google plans to offer to publishers a +1 button that lets readers +1 something without leaving the publisher’s site. Facebook has a big head start here with its Like button — some 2 million sites and counting have it installed — but Google’s button will instantly have a lot of appeal, given the company says +1 data will directly influence its market share dominating search rankings. Similarly, we have to imagine that +1 is more bad news for content farms, whose content is less likely to be shared.

In another twist, users will also be able to +1 ad, which essentially adds a “recommended by friends” component to AdWords and AdSense. as the company explains on the AdWords blog.

So potentially we could be seeing a re-birth of the long tail search? Well perhaps, if the public +1 an article enough it will achieve greater search positioning and can help a sites overall effects in the search engines. Yet again the convergence of SEO and social media come clashing together.

To learn more about +1 checkout this neat video feature from Google which will help explain all:

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