17 Jul 2010

Hello Ladies: The Old Spice Advert [Social Media Revolution]

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You may have recently heard some hype about the re-birth of the Old Spice adverts with a rather dashing man promoting the Old Spice in a more masculine manner than ever.

You may remember the cheese of the Old Spice commercials back in the 70’s with crashing waves and a dodgy sound track taken straight out of some Hollywood B-movie. Well the marketing guys at Old Spice have decided to re-launch the brand with a series of social media commercials whilst doing the decent thing – laugh at themselves.

There are two adverts both completely tongue in cheek but also hilariously brilliant! The actor in question is Isaiah Mustafa in an effort to remake the corny adverts of the product’s 1970s efforts.

[Mustafa was born on 11 February 1974, the youngest of seven children, and studied history at Arizona State University.

After graduating with BA Honours Mustafa was an American football player between 1997 and 2000.]

The hilarious new Old Spice adverts have become an Internet sensation by mocking the brand’s macho image, although the hunky actor that does the talking has hardly dented sales.

The first new advert has so far clocked up 13m hits on You Tube after its launch earlier this year.

The latest advert, which appeared last month, became another instant hit.

Mustafa begins the latest by asking: ‘Ladies, does your man look like me? No. Can he smell like me? I don’t know’.

He then moves through a series of sets that creatively morph into each other, asking the ladies if they want a man who smells like he can bake them a cake in the kitchen he built himself then swan dive off a waterfall before landing straight onto a motorbike. Chuck Norris Eat your heart out!

‘Should your man smell like an Old Spice man?’ he asks at the end.

But wait there’s more….since the release of the second advert social media chatter has really kicked off with people tweeting about the advert and asking questions. In response the Old Spice Man is answering the messages via YouTube with a series of clever and commical clips aimed directly and the sender.

Terminator uses Old Spice

Oh Dear!!!

And check this out…Old spice provide the audio for custom voicemail messages…awesome!

Here is the original Old Spice advert from 1978:

And like all good things they must come to an end. Old Spice cleverly ended the series with this final video entry. Doesn’t just want to make you get out of bed, buy some Old Spice and flex your man muscles? Maybe that’s just me! Fairwell Old Spice Man, long long and prosper!

You can however follow the Old Spice man on Twitter

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