05 Oct 2011

iPhone 4S a new revolution

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Honestly i’m not entirely sure how to introduce this blog. The iPhone 4S is finally unveilled in true Apple fashion.

I’ve been thinking, after spending the last 14+ months with my iPhone 4 what could they possibly do to make it better? Well the answer is here. I’m not going to bother writing a lot about it and instead let this video do the talking.

Siri – Voice recognition looks extremely powerful. But will it flop a bit like FaceTime? Will it actually work? Big questions to answer there. But it does look really impressive and very similar to the technology provided by Qwiki.

Dual Core A5 chip – Now if there was improvement the iPhone 4 could do with it’s power. yes it’s a powerful device already, but since getting an iPad 2 it’s clear that there is a lot more punch required to make the iPhone something else. I do find some feezing and crashing of apps and with the number of network connected apps I have on the go I have noticed the battery and processing speed somewhat what reduced from when i first purchased the device. This is a worthy upgrade and will certainly put the Android devices out there to shame in terms of battery life.

New 8Mp camera – Ok that’s cool. I’m finding i’m using my iPhone 4 for a lot of videos and pics and a better lens will definately help for those iMovie productions πŸ™‚

iCloud – And finally iCloud, seems that cloud computing has come along way and this is going to be the future of sharing and storing information. But until 4G becomes available in the Uk I question its accessibility for now.

iOS5 looks to be a revolutionary upgrade to all existing IOS devices and will be most welcome by most customers I feel. All that’s left for me is to get out of my contract ASAP and pick up an iPhone 4S – watch this space. πŸ™‚

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