05 Jul 2010

(Review) WordPress app for iPhone

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Without doubt WordPress has become one of the single most advanced blogging platforms currently available on the market. Not only is it rich in features and third party developments but is also FREE….bonus!!!

I’ve been using WordPress for a little over a year now for various projects, clients and of course my own website. I love it because it works for me. Yeah maybe it’s not everyones cup of tea but once you get past some of the techie setting up methods and actually start using it with a sexy theme it really starts delivering results!

However one thing I crave over more than WordPress is my iPhone and more specifically my iPhone 4! It’s Beaty and simplicity makes it easy to interact and network with the most popular social networks currently available…which is why when discovered the WordPress app for iPhone I simply had to install it!

Probably about as tricky as it gets so I’m going to describe this in as non geeky language as possible. Once you’ve downloaded the app via the app store you need to input the URL of your site. If it’s a blog in a sub folder you will need to type the full root I.e. www.example.com/blog/

Most likely this will not validate first time and it will pop up with an error about XML-something. Find your nearest PC or MAC or you may even try from your iPhone’s browser. Login and under settings (right menu) select ‘writing’. Here you need to enable third party XML-RPC which is for remote publishing…simples 😉

Now return back to the app and login again…voilà…should be working fine now.

The first thing I did, other than write this blog post using the app, was explore around, see how it grabs all your category details and you can manage comments so easily.

With the iPhone 4 screen as well the clarity of text is amazing and I’ve even attached a handy screenshot from WordPress to illustrate the quality.

You can save the post to come back later and finish it off (although this doesn’t save a draft in your live site, only on the app) Edit: changing status to draft puts the post on your server ready for publishing, add photos, change the publish date and even preview it prior to publishing (though not all themes will be viewable in the preview pane, I believe there maybe a patch for this).

The beauty of ios4 as well is the ability to multitask which means effortless switching between programs, particularly if your referencing smother article or taking screenshots etc

Naturally some functions are disabled such as architecture, design and navigation but that’s not what this app is about. For blogging on the go it is easy and quick. My only niggle is I have yet to find a way to link phrases within the text, you can’t add page breaks and positioning of images. Edit: images can be repositioned once the status has been set to ‘draft’ by copying and pasting the img tag in the appropriate place within the text.

So if you have a blog and an iPhone I recommend this app as a must have to blog whenever you want, wherever you want.

Thanks for reading this post about the WordPress iPhone app written using the iPhone 4. If you liked this post, please share the love! 🙂

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