29 Mar 2011

NEW ‘SUPER 8’ Sci-Fi Viral Site Discovered in trailer

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Here’s something slightly different from my usual blurbs about web, tech and stuff. Now I’m a bit of a movie fan…just love a good action packed story driven movie and the cinema is just a haven for good times. I’ll admit I get pretty excited about a lot of movies, especially the epics (overused word). Favourite movies include, Lord of the rings, Gladiator and Star Wars etc – You get the idea…though Jackass 3D is also up there πŸ™‚ However Sci-Fi is not something that’s usually tickled me…except Star Wars and the latest Star Trek movie.

However, upon seeing the trailer for J.J Abrams mysterious but incredible-looking new sci-fi Super 8, I thought to myself…Ooohh that’s interesting!!! Just for your info Paramount recently released the high def version on Apple, of which contains hidden clues within the frames…now this is where it gets really interesting.

In one of the final frames that flashes through the lens, there’s a shot with a clearly written out web address: s8editingroom.com. Basically, that’s a brand new viral site that launches an “editing room” containing a couple of “archival clips”, not much mind. If you flick on the projector, it mostly says “Clip Missing”, so there’s still a lot we either need to find or are simply going to have to wait for. Boooo, we want spoilers lol!

It’s a pretty clever concept of driving a viral audience prior to the films launch which will entice film buffs to stay engaged with the site as potentially new material is unveiled over the coming weeks. Now that’s clever Online Marketing πŸ˜‰

Anyway, you can check out the trailer below and make your own mind whether its an Area 51 type jobby or a paranormal spooker?!!?! I’m not sure yet either way, but I’m pretty much looking forward to seeing the movie purely because of the viral notion already surrounding the content.

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