13 Apr 2011

YouTube Takeovers [Desperados]

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So recently i’ve been looking into YouTube take overs as part of the day job and a forth coming campaign [can’t give details obviously]. We’ve seen them all before where the screen comes crashing down and it add’s a level of interaction that offers a new dimension to user engagement through media. Take The Transporter 3 movie launch on break.com for example, if you got the chance to see it, it was pretty impressive.

However it was brought to my attention recently, from the creatives at Hurricane, of the Desperados YouTube channel. Now i’m the kind of guy to get pretty excited about cool effects and visuals but when I saw this it practically blew my socks off. Let alone it’s one of my favourite beers on a night out the creative genius behind the motion photography and yet the simplicity of the engagement just ups the marketing genius to another level.

The YouTube takeover is a spin off from their current TV advert below and adds a new dimension to media engagement.

I don’t want to talk about it too much as seeing is believing. I simply want you to experience the party! From initially walking through the doors to gradually tearing through the walls into the main party arena this YouTube takeover by Desperados is some of the most creative and visual I have seen to date. Turn your speakers up, tap your credentials in and ‘experience’ Desperados!!

Click to visit the Desperados YouTube takeover

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